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Welcome to Bluegrass Mandolins

Bluegrass Mandolins is a great place to find a professional grade instrument, without paying a professional grade price!  Bottom line, we love mandolins. We love playing them, we love talking about them, and we love helping mandolin players sound their absolute best, with a reliable, well made, new or used mandolin!
We don't stock everything, but we promise a good selection of quality new and used mandolins, acoustic guitars and banjos. We're authorized dealers for  Northfield Mandolins, Calton and Hoffee Cases and Bill James Mandolin Tailpieces. In the coming weeks, we'll be adding other quality products. We look forward to hearing from you, let us know what you need.  If we don't have the merchandise you're looking for, maybe  we can add it to  our expanding product lineup  (if it's good stuff). 

Be sure to check our Internet Special; it will change periodocally, but it will always be quality merchandise and a great deal! Thanks for visiting and come back soon,


Bluegrass Mandolins



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